Save Energy with Lutron Dimmers

Light dimmers by Lutron allow you to control the level of light in a room to fit any activity. They are usually used to create visual effects and ambience. According to Lutron studies have shown controlling light levels improve productivity and increase comfort. Another bonus of Lutron dimmers is that they help save energy and extend the life of a bulb which in the end helps save money. By replacing a single light switch with any Lutron dimmer can potentially save you $30 a year.  And now days everyone is looking for some way to help reduce energy usage and costs. The New York Times cut their energy usage over 70% after the installation of the Quantim light management system in their building. That was an energy savings of $600,000 annually!Lutron's Energy Savings Calculator

Use Lutron’s Energy Savings Calculator to see how much you can save by replacing your standard light switches with dimmers.

Dimming Basics

Every light source has distinctive characteristics that require specific types of dimmers. It is necessary to use a dimmer that is intended for your specific lighting source. Lutron provides various models of controls specifically designed for use with incandescent, halogen, halogen, fluorescent, LEDs, and Dimmable CFLs.

For more facts and capabilities of dimmers check out Lutron’s Dimming Basics page for further information.

Popular Types of Dimmers

Toggle dimmers – feature a small slider that is next to the toggle switch. The Toggle switch turns on & off the light while the slider controls the intensity of light.

Lutron Maestro MA-600-WHFor example: Lutron Maestro Dimmers – The Lutron Maestro dimmers collection provide an easy-to-use tap switch that turns lighting on & off to your preferred setting. This collection also includes Maestro IR dimmers which feature a infrared remote control to conveniently control lighting levels.

Slide dimmers – feature a full range, manual dimming control. Some feature preset type dimmers which allow you to set a favorite setting that will remain at the pre-set level each time you turn on & off the switch.

Lutron Skylark S-603P-WH dimmerFor example: Lutron Skylark Dimmers – The Lutron Skylark model is the original designer style dimmer. This collection features an easy to use slide control to adjust the light to your desired level and a convenient rocker switch . Some Skylark models include a locator light for easy to find use in the dark.

Rotary dimmers- feature an easy to turn knob that adjust the lighting to your desired level. You can rotate the rotary knob to select light level and either rotate or push to turn on/off the light.

Lutron Rotary D-600P-WH dimmerFor example: Lutron Rotary Dimmer – The Lutron Rotary dimmers feature easy to turn knobs that adjust lighting to your desired level. You can rotate the knob to control the light level and either push or rotate to turn on/off. Some Rotary models include a locator light for easy to find use in the dark.

Touch dimmers – these dimmers allow you to alter the level of light just by touching a button. Some newer touch dimmers have stylish LED illuminated control bars.

Lutron Vierti VT-600-B-BL dimmerFor example: Lutron Vierti Dimmer – The Lutron Vierti collection features a cool LED illuminated control bar. Touch anywhere along the LED illuminated control bar to change the light to your desired setting. The Vierti dimmers allow you to customize its LED control bar with blue, green, or white LED options and a variety of wallplate colors to match any decor. Check out Lutron’s Vierti page and view a demo and see for yourself how cool this dimmer is.

Light dimmers help save on energy costs and in the process helps the environment by using less energy. Replacing two standard light switches with Lutron dimmers in every US home would save around $15 billion in electricity according to Lutron. For more information on light dimmers explore Lutron’s website which is filled with a lot of valuable information and educational materials to help answer any question you might have on light dimmers.

For ideas on how to light each room of your home including the outside check out The American Lighting Association lighting tips page for advice.

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